Thursday, July 22, 2010

Remember Popeye?

I remember a song from a while ago, some lady bitching, where have all the cowboys gone.
I say,fuck the cowboys. Wheres all the Popeyes?
Not that i have anything against cowboys, i dont. I didnt like broke back mountain, but ive had lots of friends that were cowboys.
Now back to Popeye. The words hes most famous for... " I am what I am, and thats all that I am!!" No shit huh!! Where is that guy today?
Id like to think im at least close. Im me, if you dont like it, kiss my ass!! I gotta give that one to Uncle Ted. But hes right. there aint one person on this planet whos got a right to ask me, or tell me to be anything other than who and what i am.
Any takers?
If there is, I hope you're ready for a shit storm. I am who I am, and I aint changin'.

What I dont get, is that everyone loves Popeye for being Popeye. So, why cant people do the same for each other? I know I do.
There's some people in my family that think that the man ive grown up to be is somehow wrong because im not the party 24-7 super freak they all loved. Or at least tollerated.
Guess what people, we're all human, and subject to change, be it location, age, marriage, children,occupation, the list goes on and on.

I say to any and everyone who wishes or wants to change someone in your life, whether do to love or even just well meaning....

....Piss Off!!!! We're all on this planet to live our own lives. Leave me to live mine, and as always, I will leave you to live yours.

Really, cant we all just get along?!!