Monday, May 25, 2009


so i went fishing yesterday.
it started out three guys fishin on a marina dock at Lake of the Ozarks. it turned out to be alot of fun.
i brought along a couple pop up noodles, for juggin.when we finally caught somthing to use for bait i rigged up the first one and threw it out, tied it to the dock, and went back to fishing for bait.
picture this, im using a 5 foot ultra light crappie pole. with 4 pound test line and a tiny jig trying to catch small bluegill for bait.
i caught a couple, threw them in the bucket,and continued fishing.thinking i had got caught in the rocks i jerked and set the hook on a real nice,3 to 31/2 pound large mouth bass.
awesome!!! as soon as my fishin buddy sends me the pic ill post,ll be either amused or disgusted at what happened next,but you,ll have to waite for the pic.i thought it was funny as hell.picture a 3 pound beer coozy that wants your beer as bad as you do.
we went on to catch one real nice blue cat and one small one on the noodles,drank some beer and had a good time fishin and hangin out.
id go on about the fishin and details about each fish but im afraid y'all would get wife does.
so till next time...
...happy fishin and safe drinkin.

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  1. Only after the second go round of the story do my eyes glaze over!! :)