Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Freakin wierd!!

Apperantly I'm wierd.At least my wife thinks so.
I should start with my wife. She is my Queen.The center of my universe.The rock that keeps me anchored, and apperantly, my muse.
After a conversation last night, I feel the need to ask,am I wierd?
We were talking about infidelity. It almost seemed that she had a problem with the amount of trust I have in her. Is trusting your soulmate wierd? I dont think so. She tells me I'm a better person than her cuz I trust her so much. Again, I dont think so.
I dont think I'm a bad guy, I just dont think I'm as good as she makes me out to be.
In my eyes, I do what I should do every day. I listen, to the best of my abilities, to everything she has to say. I show interest when its genuine. I care about how she feels. I try to do little things to suprise her just to make her smile. I love her smile. I have sex with her as often as i am able. Still not as often as she would like. Sorry Babe!
I could go on but I dont see the point. I dont think I'm doin anything special. Just my husbandly duties.
I love my wife and everything she does for me and our family. All I want to do is show her that and give her somthing in return.
So am I wierd?


  1. Your all that if you're a Koontz fan. I've mentioned him in some of my blogs. Drop on over and see. I think it was two blogs back. My favorite, so far is, "By the Light of the Moon." If he writes another Christopher Snow sequel, I'm all over that.

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! Hope you enjoy your time here! :)

  3. Aww, I think this is a sweet post. And no, you're not weird. Otherwise, I'd have to say my husband is weird too. He's a good guy too. There aren't that many good guys out there though...