Saturday, July 25, 2009


Running through my head is the lyrics of a Bangles song,Hazy shade of winter, or somthing like that. if you know the song as you read the post you will understand.
I'm not really sure how to explain what i'm feeling except to say i'm a 35 year old father. I have two daughters, one son, and one step son. I also think about, quite often, three "ex" step children. I was married once before i met my Queen.
I enjoy the memories of growing up in a small town in northern Iowa. The woods, the lakes, the critters, the little bit of trouble, ha ha!
Right this moment I'm trying to figure where time went.
My first child will be 18 soon. how the hell did that happen?!
Believe it or not I just found out my 5 year old son is becoming quite good at writing his name. On the mirror in my head board.
I dont know my middle child, but miss her terribly. I have watched her grow through pictures over the last few years thanks to the relationship between her mother and my wife. I havent seen her since before she was two, she'll be 13 in august.
Back to my eldest, we have been through so much in the last ten years it somtimes makes my head spin. Ilove her and am sooooo soooooo proud of her.
i have recently had the opertunity to become reaquainted with two of the three step kids. i was so excited i had a brain fart. i couldnt think of anything to say. that'll work itself out.
My step son, who is a huge pain in my ass, but also one of my favorite children, is a real challenge. One of the smartest kids i ever met, and at the same time, almost retarded. for now im blaming it on puberty. he was such a sweet kid a couple years ago. where did that go?

And the point of this whole thing is where the hell did the time go?! Yesterday I was in high school, flirting and skippin class!!
Now im thinking of a differant song, country this time. Dont blink. dont know who sings that one, but i think hes right.
I'm gonna try not blinking for a bit.

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