Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!!!!

I just want to say Happy Fathers Day to the two most important father figures in my life.
My Dad, of course.Rick. And my stepdad,Mike.
Because of these two men, I am who I am today. I am just as ornery as I always was,just not as stupid. I'm strong, independant, smart,( a little anyway ), honest, and hard working. All traits that come from both my Dads.
Some people might think of that stupid tv show, " My Two Dads", but its nothing like that. My parents were divorced when I was a kid. Some time later, my Mom married this guy named Mike.
What I knew of my Dad at the time was that he was some kind of Baddass that nobody wanted to fuck with. Cool right? I thought so. To be perfectly honest, I still do, my Dad was one of the toughest sonofabitches to ever run the Lakes area. In my time I knocked a few heads, and kicked a few asses, but don't quite measure up to my old man. He is a legend. Even today I try to live up to his name. I dont back down from anyone or anything, stand strong, and hold my ground no matter what. Someday I hope to be as strong as him.
Toughness aside, my Dad taught me so much about the outdoors, which I love as much as anything. I know I could go to just about any lake anywhere and catch walleye, perch or bullhead. Unfortunately he never taught me the secret to catching monster catfish so I had to figure that one out myself. I just hope I'm there when he finally lands "Walter". I think thats what he called him. It was this great big catfish he would get to shore and then lose. Like the one on "Grumpy Old Men". I saw him one time but heard about him at least a hundred.
My Dad also taught me some about trapping, and other things concerning critters. I could go on and on, but thats not the point.
My Dad is a simple man. Tough as nails, sharp as a tack, and sweet as pie,(when he wants to be). I'm proud to be able to say that I am who I am cuz of him. Thanks Dad, I love you.
Then theres my Pa.He's my stepdad.This guy came into my life full force when I was 14 years old. He married my Mom.I spent alot of time resenting, distrusting, and really not liking him for no reason, other than he was'nt my Dad. I know now that was'nt fair, but at the time I was a stupid teenager already trying to live up to my old mans reputation. Sorry Pa.
This guy taught me patience, and compassion. God only knows how, but he made it through me and my brother and sister trying to drive him away. Imagine three teenagers pushing your buttons on a daily basis just to get you to leave. I'm thinking this guy is as tough as my Dad.
My Pa also taught me to be strong. In almost the opposit way as Dad. He showed me that sometimes its better not to fight, even though you want to. He has proven to me after all these years that patience really is a virtue. Oh and by the way, he's also the smartest guy I know. Freakin genious! That's no joke. If it's broke he can fix it, dont matter what it is. He taught me more than half of what I know about cars. He's the one who showed me that most times things are more simple than we think. Slowing down and taking a better look makes a huge differance.
Thanks Pa, I love you.

So Happy Fathers Day to my Dads. I love you guys.

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